Notification of Revision of Upgrade Rules

From the second week of 2020 (Monday, December 7th), some upgrade rules will be changed.

[Upgrade rule before change]

All enrollment type upgrades can only be done by Active members.
*Once you upgraded, you cannot upgrade again for 90 days.

[Upgrade rules after December 7th]

All enrollment types can be upgraded by Active, Pre-active, and In-active members (all members).
Once Active, Pre-active or In-active members upgrade, the member will become “Active” unconditionally the following month.
*Once you upgraded, you cannot upgrade again for 90 days. (This rule still applies)





2020年 第2週(12月7日(月)曜日)から、アップグレードのルールが一部変更になります。



全ての登録資格タイプのアップグレードはActive 会員様でしか行えません。



全ての登録資格タイプのアップグレードはActive、PreActive、In Active 会員様(全会員様)で行う事ができます。
Active、PreActive、In Activeの会員様がアップグレードを行うと翌月は無条件でActiveとなります。





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