A miracle that landed 1000 meters above sea level


What is truly needed now?

Natural healing is an important function of life's evolution.
It is the ability to supplement the functions
that are often lacking in today's stressful life and to become
beautiful and healthy by oneself.
I think this is really what we need now.

[KLB-1] Lactic acid fermented HANABIRATAKE and β-glucan

mushroom having many layers of unique white flowers folded and appearing to bloom "Hanabiratake".
It is said that the environment in which they grow is characteristic and natural products are difficult to find. We studied it for a long time and succeeded in artificial cultivation.
Hanabiratake contains many nutrients and health components including β-glucan.
In addition, we collect 20 times more β-glucan than normal Hanabiratake by lactic acid fermentation.

Commitment to safety and quality


Life continues to evolve over a tremendous period of time

In the last 50 years, the evolution of civilization in developed countries has progressed dramatically, and the living environment has changed dramatically.
In search of comfortable space by air conditioners, elimination of food additives and agricultural chemicals, dependence on medical treatment, etc.
It is changing into something completely different from the "nature" environment where people originally lived

Things that are lost in exchange for wealth

The dramatic changes in comfort dramatically reduce people's chances of fighting viruses, germs and other invaders, and contribute to a decline in people's natural healing powers.

Because of this modern age, we pay attention to the "natural healing capacity" of human beings and study the natural approach of mind and body to activate the power to become beautiful.


proof of high quality

At a time when safety is at stake, we rely on scientific evidence.
We disclose the details and results of clinical trials so that we can make them available to the public at any time.

Breeding and production technologies

HANABIRATAKE has been considered difficult to produce artificially, but in 2000 we began to improve the breed and develop production technology.
He also developed the Hanabiratake fungi "KSC-H2", "KSC-H7" and "KSC-H8".
The development of seed bacteria and cultivation technology through mass production has made stable cultivation possible.

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