Estrogen, a female hormone

"estrogen" is a hormone secreted mainly from follicle (A bag of eggs inside an ovary) and corpus luteum (Follicles after ovulation).
This hormone is also called beautiful skin hormone and has a deep relationship with making beautiful skin.

Estrogen levels vary with age, peaking at age 30 and then gradually decreasing, with a rapid decline beginning in the late 40s. And that is said to be the cause of various menopausal disorders.


"estrogen" has a function to increase subcutaneous fat, and this action makes the skin firm and elastic. In addition, it has the function of storing water in the body, so the moisture of the skin is increased and the skin color is also improved by the vasodilator action.

Other actions include:.

・Stabilize the autonomic nervous system
・Make a round, feminine body
・prevent arteriosclerosis by making blood vessels stronger and more flexible
・Maintain the density of bone
・make hair shiny
・Prevent forgetfulness
・Increase good cholesterol and decrease bad cholesterol

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