Lactic acid fermented HANABIRATAKE was born through long research and dedication.

Born in Japan!obtaining a patent!

Hanabiratake mushroom has recently been used as a health food
because it is rich in dietary fiber, β-glucan, and amino acids.
We have been working on the production of Hanabiratake since 2000,
and we have accumulated a lot of useful data on health, including joint research with universities.
We learned the power of Hanabiratake, and through repeated trial and error,
we succeeded in developing a lactic acid fermentation technology for Hanabiratake.


The amount of β-glucan extracted from Hanabiratake
by lactic acid fermentation is approximately 20 times.
It turns out that other nutrients are also much better!


Comparison of Nutritional Value of Hanabiratake
and Lactic Fermented Hanabiratake


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