Effects and roles of β-glucan

Beta-glucan is most effective for improving immune system.
To be precise, this function is called immune equilibration function, which strengthens the immune system against weakened immune systems and suppresses the immune system when the immune system is overactive.
It works well for cancer and cirrhosis caused by a weakened immune system. On the other hand, for allergic symptoms such as hay fever, atopic dermatitis, and vitiligo caused by an overreaction of immune function, suppression of the immune response relieves the symptoms.

Probability of anticancer drug efficacy

When we look at the probability of anticancer drugs working, it is true that even for anticancer drugs that are approved as insurance drugs, the probability of their working is around 30% even when the symptoms become better than they are now.
On the other hand, the probability of side effects is as close as 100%, and even though they are ineffective in suppressing cancer, they almost certainly occur because they damage normal cells.
It may be a common feeling among family members who have attended the cancer patient that this leads to a situation called "Anticancer Drugs Kill Cancer Patients".

β-glucan without side effects

β-glucan has no side effects.
After 1000 years as a mushroom and 10 years as a recent yeast β-glucan, β-glucan health foods have existed for a long time and have been widely used, and there are many problems that have come to light and countermeasures are being taken.
The problem of yeast allergy, which was an obstacle to baker's yeast β-glucan in the 1940s, has now been completely overcome by the purification of β-glucan extracted from yeast.
Although there are many problems with anticancer drugs, I think it is the right choice to make them the first choice of treatment as long as side effects are acceptable.
However, one in two cancer patients is now testing the use of complementary health foods that do not interfere with the actions of anticancer drugs and that are economically viable. β-glucan is one of them.
HANABIRATAKE, which contains a lot of β-glucan, is said to be the savior of cancer patients.


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