Notification of end the promotions and maintenance notice

Dear TRIPLE members and Reach trainers

Thank you very much for the continuous business with us.
Please kindly check the following notifications.

Notification of end the promotions and maintenance notice
Promotions currently holding will end on January 31, 2020.
End date is as follows.

January 31, 2020 at 0:00 am (Central European Time)
* Please note that the promotions will not be applied for registration after the end time.

Maintenance will be performed from February 1, 2020 to February 3, 2020, 08:00 AM (Central European Time).

Notification for change of a part of the contents of TRIPLE Business Marketing Plan after promotion ended.

The new TRIPLE Marketing Plan will be applied from February 3, 2020.
For details of the changes, please download the PDF document from the following URL to confirm the contents.


TRIPLE Marketing

Regarding to order HANABIRATAKE products, we will add a function that you can make purchase it for twelve months. You can choose its delivery frequency once in every month or delivery all at once.
*70P of attached Point will be reported every month.
*This function is going to be released around mid-February.

Active members (members who maintain own 70 points) will be able to keep the qualifications and rights as in the past, and will be kept the binary calculation points in BANKING.
Non-Active members (personal points are less than 70P) will be determined as Non-Active members.
If you become a Non-Active member, your qualifications and rights will expire, and the Binary Points in the part of Marketing Plan will be flushed (will be lost) except for a maximum of 10,000P on one side. We would appreciate your understanding.
*In case of less than 10,000P, that amount will be the upper limit.

*Return as an Active member, will restore qualifications and rights. However, the period during the rights have been lost will not be calculated.

Please refer to the documents for more details.


TRIPLE MEMBER及びReach trainer各位



2020年1月31日 午前0:00分 (Central European Time)

2020年2月1日~2020年2月3日午前8:00(Central European Time)までメンテナンスを実施いたします。

キャンペーン終了後の一部TRIPLE Business Marketing plan変更に伴うお知らせ。

2020年2月3日より下記URLにて表示するTRIPLE Marketing planを適用致します。

TRIPLE Marketing


但し、Non-Active会員(自己Point 70P未満)につきましては、Non-Active会員として確定されます。
Non-Active会員と確定しますと資格及び権利は消失し、Marketing planの一部にあるバイナリーPointは片側最高10,000Pを残しそれ以外はフラッシュ(消失)いたしますので、くれぐれもご注意いただきますようお願い申し上げます。



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